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My Art

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Always has been my go to work material. I've used it most when compared to other materials. That includes colored ink, lino cutting, mixing with water and painting. 

Anatomy Study


Since most of my art revolves around animals, I study anatomy when I can from books, video footage and from just being outside. I can truly say that I am passionate about it.

Environment Study


Although quite similar in purpose of anatomy studies, I find drawing environments and inanimate objects to be quite calming. Since most of the objects are quite detailed, I unwind whilst drawing textures and curves. 

Digital Art


Only recently have started taking it more seriously, mainly because of the endless possibilities. Most likely to become the default medium for future projects and work related jobs. 

Abstract Art


Although it is one of my least favorite creative directions, it has led to some interesting ways of expression, most notably whilst experimenting with silent narratives and story telling. 

Besides that I find that most of my color picking choices for other pieces come from abstract art as well.

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