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About Ieva

My Story


In the pursuit of my dream of becoming an artist I came to the city of Bristol with my best friend to study Illustration at UWE. At that point I had also received an invitation to study at Cambridge for Illustration and Animation, but I declined it for personal reasons. (And because I thought it could make for a better story). Still unsure at that point where my creativity would lead me, because up until then I enjoyed hopping into and from many craft areas: painting, sculpting, paper mache, drawing or scrapbooking. I choose to do Illustration at UWE mainly for that purpose- for the freedom to keep on experimenting.

I always loved animals, nature and general anatomy always fascinated me. My art usually reflects those aspects, to showcase the beauty of things that already exist. Often I also like to imagine myself as a creator of my own universe and how it would look like, what beings would inhabit it which stems off stories and other creative processes which you will find here or on my social medias.

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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