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Humble Aspirations


Since I have started a small brand of Veashinra it is no surprise that I have had a thought about promotional items surrounding it. Still a work in progress.

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Art In Motion


Although I would still call myself a novice, I very much enjoy experimenting with moving image from time to time. It usually adds depth and perspective to the things I create and makes for good practice.

The new Etsy store for stickers, pins and other goodies is almost here!

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Meet Eve


My real name is Ieva Bagvilaite and I am a Bristol based Illustrator known as Veashinra in many social media accounts. Most people call me Eve.

I enjoy fantasy therefore a lot of my art revolves around creatures and worldbuilding, but I would say that there is a vast variety of media to be found here for each individual.

The Main Course


Since I was a kid I always loved to draw and make images come to life with my imagination. It has always been my dream and a eternal pursuit to make it into a career.

Even now, I like to challenge myself with different materials, settings and other aspects to always keep improving on what I have already built over the years. 

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